Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Harvey Benge Has Great Tips.

Photographer, artist, book maker and kiwi Harvey Benge recently posted his guide/ pointer/things to consider list, when making a photograph. I think this list may be of some use to lots of photographers. Even with this list I know I could never take the kind of effortless (looking) pictures that Harvey takes. Anyway if you want to have a go at being a photographer/poet (and this is the Holy Grail) then take a look at the list below.
1. The content, have an idea and think about what the pictures say.

2. The form, think about what the pictures look like.

3. Consider the context of the pictures, enough or too much.

4. Consider the sweet spot or punctum.

5. Consider the value of signifiers.

6. Avoid making decoration.

7. Don't make boring pictures.

8. Don't make a picture that somebody else has made already.

9. Don't make obvious photographs.

10. Avoid making cliches.

11. Don't make silly juxtapositions.

12. Avoid the one trick pony type of photograph.

13. Make pictures that are intelligent not clever.

14. Avoid fashion for fashions sake.

15. Make the work for yourself, if a few other people like the work, that's a bonus not a given.

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