Monday, 30 December 2013

HALAL SYMBOL SPOT PICTURE 2014 after Damien Hirst.

This picture has now been added to the collection over at . There seems to be three strands of work emerging over at MoTMA . There is the archive of actual takeaway menus which now number several hundred and that will continue to be added to over the coming years. There are the photographs that explore cultural institutions and are helping to create the myth of MoTMA online.
The third strand is where the above picture fits in and that's  making art work from the menus. Trying to tie these three strands together in the future will be the challenge.
Oh yeah Happy New Year, My highlight of 2013? Got to be Mrs Thatcher dying albeit thirty years too late. The only good thing that bitch did was stopping kids school milk. I hated drinking that shit...

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