Friday, 19 October 2012

Marc Provins

The day before yesterday we had hyena's lions a panther and Lady Gaga, today we have.....Hydrangeas in front gardens. To be honest it's more up my street than ZAF (South African rap in case you're wondering) Although from South Asia, there's something very British about the humble Hydrangea. A bit lower middle class 50's Britain, a bit of a Philip Larkin of an ornamental shrub. I bet Jarvis Cocker would have loved to have been born as a Hydrangea.

I love Hydrangeas my Nan had them and now I grow them. They remind me of my childhood you could fill a council house front garden with a big Hydrangea bush. A nice splash of easy to care for colour, not to showy, with a nice bit of privacy thrown in. I've been partly shaped by my Nan's Hydrangea bush. Our past and environment make us who we are. The above series PH6 by Manchester photographer Marc Provin is  about such things. Not enough acid will turn you blue and no one wants to be a blue. see more of Marc's work HERE.


Marc said...

Big thanks for the write up Mark, love what you've written - 1950,s/ Jarvis Cocker/ Philip Larkin/ Nans... perfect!

The link doesn't seem to work - so here it is:


mark page said...

Link fixed!

Baeron said...

I got images of the Knights who say "Ni" when you write about your enthusiasm for the Hydrangea!

mark page said...

I am a fan of many a shrub.

Stan B. said...

These are so... simple and utterly joyful- really like 'em!

Not a flower kinda guy.