Thursday, 13 September 2012


For twenty years or so I've been believing a lie or perhaps more accurately not believing the truth. I like to think I'm media savvy but the press in this country sowed a seed of doubt in my head back in 1989 and the years that followed, that maybe just perhaps it was the scousers fault, lets face it there's no love lost between UNITED and LFC fans so I swallowed it.
But today I think that Liverpool should be proud of it's self as a city, today it must be great to be a Scouser. I read somewhere that the Hillsborough report has wiped away any sense of celebration left over from LONDON 2012 it shouldn't have done. The OLYMPICS have been a lesson in perseverance tenacity human triumph and team spirit  what if not those very qualities have the families of the victims been showing over the last 23 years?
I bow my head in shame and have learnt something that I should have known already.....

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