Sunday, 6 February 2011

Old Goat.

Chinese New year today which is always a big event in Manchester. Found out that I was born in the year of the goat which apparently makes me fun to know but prone to pessimism. imagine me prone to pessimism? Anyway suitable occupations for me include gardening which I like a bit and beachcombing. Not many beaches in Manchester but then I thought whats photography if it's not a form of beachcombing?


Jennifer said...

It's the year of the rabbit! Go to Salford and take some pictures of the gypsies.

mark page said...

They're not gypsies they're just scrotes dancing around and getting pissed on people's graves. Vile bunch. Anyway how are you?

Jennifer said...

I am currently condemned to my bed with woman flu. Been treating myself to some trash T.v to keep my spirits up. 'Let the belly see the button!'