Sunday, 20 December 2009


Welcome to Manchesterphotography's FESTIVE ROGUES GALLERY 2009. Over the last couple of years of blogging I have started to collect a right little network of friends and acquaintances, from people visiting here and leaving comments or "heads ups" for new shows and work etc. Nobody really knows what we are all building here in cyber space or how long it will last, so I wanted to celebrate our little relationship and take it to the next level. Each person has a link through to their website or blog so have a click through and get to know each other a little bit better. Think of it as Manchesterphotography's Christmas party minus the vomit & embarrassment!

All photographs copyright of respective bloggers/photographers.

CMS Lost in Manchester UK

Andy Adams Flak Photo US
(Image copyright Jonathan Saunders)

S Cousin Pentimento AUSTRALIA

David Dunnico Photism UK

Marcus Doyle B-Mode UK

Ed Watts Ed Watts Photography UK

Gill Moore Scatterdrum UK

Harvey Benge Harvey Benge NZ/FRANCE

Stan B Reciprocity Failure US

John Darwell John Darwell UK

Jonathan Blaustein Jonathan Blaustein US

Colin Pantall Colin Pantall's blog UK

Marc Burden Latitude Photographers UK

Julian McKenny Processional UK

David J Colbran D J C Design UK

Vron Harris Latitude Photographers UK

Martin O'Neill Martin Takes Photos UK

Pete Brook Prison Photography US

Brenda Burrell The Photography Pages UK

Melissa Tritten Cigarettes and Purity US

Robin Whittaker Rob Whittaker Photography UK

Seba Kurtis Seba Kurtis UK

Benjamin Chesterton Duckrabbit UK

Tom Rice-Smyth Tom Rice-Smyth UK

OK that's it then. Cheers to everyone who took part and boo to all those who did'nt! Have a great Christmas and a good New Year. I'll be back 2nd January so until then mingle............


Brenda said...

Ha, lovely.

Suitably festive seasonal cheer to everyone, and thank you Mark. It's never, ever boring.


Stan B. said...

I guess... uh... Pete won...

mark page said...

as far as I'm concerned we are all winners. Though it has to be said Pete does strike a stunning pose.

Have a great Holiday "Our Kid"

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting this together. It's opened up a new world of UK photoblogs to me.

Currently, freezing my nuts off in Lancashire. Cheated the Manc airport gods on Saturday and actually landed.

Enjoy the round-the-clock repetition of inane weather comment. Aaah, Blighty!

Keep up the keyboard tapping throughout 2010. Nice to know your cyber-acquaintance.


Benjamin said...

currently laughing my tits off in France

Unknown said...

Fab! Very good to see - thank you... :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

Vron :-)

Unknown said...

Fab! Thank you.... :-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 to all!

Vron :-)

Brenda said...

Keep getting lost in all those fabulous links. This is great.

Thank you Mark, it's such a pleasure to be included, and a big seasonal hoorah for everyone.

Looking forward to a lot more. x