Thursday, 8 April 2010

WARNING! fotosense are shit.

I should have known better they can't even spell fucking photo and then Mavis the tea lady answers the phone or should that be fone when I ring the sales hotline. I was getting nowhere with the hotline. "Shall I order online?" "Yes luv" So I order my printer Epson r2880 the website says it's In stock! I've got the next day off work so I pay another £15 for before 12 nextday delivery and order online. They ring me to say not a chance. They've not got any in stock and are not sure when they will have. They have of course taken payment first though. Wankers.

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Anonymous said...

'We now have the NEW Epson R2880 A3+ photo printer now in stock ...'

Still on their site now, muppets