Friday, 23 April 2010

This is where the
picture would normally
go, but I'm not contaminating
my blog with this shit.
How far would you go to get the picture? would you be prepared to do anything? How confident and sure of your power as a visual artist to foster change are you? Would you pay the mother of a murdered child money to dig up the mutilated corpse of that child so you could get a piccy let's say? Think I've gone mad? Oh shit like this happens.... Thanks to Benjamin for getting hold of this story and taking the fucker to task. The 'chattering class' blogs can debate the virtue and wisdom of such behaviour. I don't go in for all that, I mulled things over for about two seconds and decided Marco Vernaschi is a cunt.


marcus doyle said...

Its not even photo journalism, its 'Disaster Porn' of the worst kind.
Here's one guy that is thinking about no one but himself and how he might be revered amongst his peers no matter what the cost to others.
Any other profession and he would be barred, struck off, or sacked.
Scum bag for sure..

Mark Page said...

He was featured in the Sunday Times mag as well last week.