Tuesday, 26 May 2009

John Angerson (again) And Photographing Merry olde England.

Images copyright John Angerson
I first featured the work of Leeds based photographer way back in October 07
I am mentioning him again because of his current work in progress "English Journey" inspired by JB Priestley's 1934 book of the same title. As Simon Robert's says "these are interesting times for photographers documenting England". There's a few photographer's taking on this mammoth task at the moment, Angerson Simon Robert's, where I found out about this project and also photographing England is Mark Power and his superbly titled "DESTROYING THE LABORATORY FOR THE SAKE OF THE EXPERIMENT".

John's chosen to carry out the work on 5x4 which gives the work a whiff of Soth, (yes I know Soth shoots 10x8 stop splitting hairs) particularly with the portraiture, nowt wrong with that it's just an observation. Power's work is decidedly bleaker. It's a hell of a brave confident task making a series about a subject so large as a country, especially one with as much history (and baggage) as England, I wish them well.

Read an interview with John over on Ben Roberts blog

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