Monday, 9 November 2009

I spent the day in olde Lancaster today, went on the very interesting Lancaster Castle Tour. Them "olden times" people, jeez what a load of nutters. They believed in witches and all sorts of madness like hanging people. The last fella to get hung there was in 1910 and apparently he was innocent. Thank fuck we stopped that shit. Thank fuck we don't think like that anymore. Thank fuck that we have out grown mumbo jumbo ideas like 'Evil'. We realise now that there's no such thing, right? We are clever enough to know that we should banish such stupidity in order to understand why certain people act in atrocious incomprehensible ways and because some actions are so incomprehensible we owe it to humanity to find out in a grown up and responsible manner why certain individuals behave in that morally wrong and harmful way.
Or we could stick some gargoyles outside our doors and watch Channel 4.........

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