Monday, 2 November 2009

Francis Bacon In His Own Words.

A true master of twentieth century painting, Bacon had a well publicised and honest relationship with photography as revealed HERE.


Andy Clarke said...

wow, excellent find. thanks for that Mark!

Mark Page said...

Cheers Andy.
If you are interested in a bit more depth I can recommend "IN CAMERA, FRANCIS BACON" by Martin Harrison published by Thames Hudson. Hockney is the painter that normally gets discussed, Bacon had in my opinion a far deeper and more interesting relationship with the medium.

Andy Clarke said...

yea, thanks. Il check it out,

I found a good book on this subject, I think it was called 'Francis Bacon and Photography'. It was a really thick book, oops just realised that it was 'In Camera' that I was thinking about after just seeing the cover on Amazon.

I like how he discussed his work and reasonings for doing things and his approach to his methods. There was no bullshit, just straight to the point. I have always found that to be a respectable trait that any artist (and individual) can posses.

Mark Page said...