Friday, 26 June 2009

MJ Never Came To Widnes, (but he couldn't half sing)

I was going to be all aloof and not mention MJ. Then I noticed that most of the cool kid photo bloggers are too cool to mention him so being an awkward bastard and him being well, MJ I thought fuck it I will, then I remembered I don't really have that many connections with him other than when was a kid and Pippa my rabbit got strangled one night and my mum found her and then I heard this song and projected my grief onto it. That's it. That's my MJ story. I wish my life was more glam and I had anecdotes like this........

P.S Is it me or does he look a little bit like Lilly Allen? No wonder he had fucking plastic surgery........ It's got to be said though that listening to him sing as a youngster well he could, really sing.

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