Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ben Graville's "In & Out of The Old Bailey" That's all folks!

So post three and the last on this. Ben Graville has left a comment on his work and Kudos to him for that. He Say's,

"There seems to be an idea that there could be financial or career gain from in and out the old bailey. this is not the case. not a penny has come from the work and wouldn't. If there ever was any money it would be heading straight to m.o.j.o. miscarriages of justice organisation set up by paddy hill and john mcmanus who are dedicated to assisting innocent people both in prison and after their release. During my time working the courts I covered all the criminal appeals at the high court London. I would see and meet paddy hill who would appear at all the appeals where I covered ( to name a few ) sally clark, robert brown, gary mills and tony poole." Ben Graville

I'll leave Ben to have the last word it seems only fair. Should anybody want to continue the debate please feel free to use the comments section here.

Now let's all chill with Porridge..................

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