Sunday, 15 March 2009

Back Online.

Good to be back. Volume 2 of EXPIRATION NOTICE is out tomorrow featuring amongst other things the work of Manchester based photographer Seba Kurtis. Been a big fan of Seba's for a while now so pleased to be featuring his work over on EX NO.

Have not posted for the last week so I could get Volume 2 out and also so I could finish off "The Unofficial History Of A School/Teaching Children How To Draw" and upload it to my homepage. It consists of details from school desks that have spent the best part of a century being "customised" by several generations of Manchester school kids. The desks started life around 1904 at what was The Manchester Municipal Secondary School. It later became The Central High School and eventually became The Shena Simon College.
All the way through Art lessons at school and later studying Art at college, teachers and lecturers would talk about "mark making" I always found it hard to do, to be that loose and messy when it came to drawing. I was always a little envious of students who had wonderful untidy sketchbooks. So when I saw these desks I had to photograph them. Work made by generations of little Pollocks & Basquiats..............

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