Friday, 1 August 2008

Sloppy Shots, Do We Care?

Joerg Colberg from my favourite photo blog, seems to be having a bit of a time with Mrs Deane from another one of my favorite photo blogs regarding not caring about the process that goes into making the picture. I think they've got their wires crossed and thought I would throw my hat into the ring for what it's worth as I agree with both of them, and in fact I think that they agree with each other as well.
I think and I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong that Joerg is coming from the point of view echoed by a quote I once heard by William Eggleston. Asked what camera he used he is reported to have replied "whichever looks the prettiest that morning". Now whether this is true or not it should be. There seems still, to be more talk about "equipment" than is healthy (perhaps because photoraphy is still a male dominated art form? boys toys?) especially in the states with huge plate camera's and the disciples of Mr Soth. (I know everything is bigger in America) Does dragging something the size of a wardrobe around and only being able to take one shot every three months make your work more significant than Daido Moriyama's shot on his little Ricoh GR, of course not.
However from Mrs Deane's point of view, a trip to The Lowry at Salford Quays to see this years offering from The National Portrait Gallery's photography prize can show good examples of how dodgy technique/printing can take away any clout an other wise worthy image may have had.
So conclusion, for me is: I'm not bothered that work was made on a Nikon D8o @ 180th of a sec at f2.8, if it's a picture for the Martin Parr flickr forum, but I am bothered if you are going to show me something profound about consumerism in the west and then fuck it up by getting your thumb in the way................ Now Joerg & Mrs Deane shake hands and play nicely....................................................

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