Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Ricoh GRD 2

I'm not one for getting all bogged down with techy (is that a word?) stuff but well its not very often I buy a new camera so I thought I would let you know about my new flame, so to speak.
The Ricoh GR 35mm compact has become a legend since it's introduction in the mid 90's. Who amongst it's many fans is one Daido Moriyama
Continuing with this proven lens they brought out the GR digital in 2005 which I've cherished for the last couple of years, and earlier this year gave us the GR 2 which I am now the very happy owner of. These little camera's are a joy to use, well made, great quality and small enough to encourage constant carrying. Review here:
Now trying to purchase one in Manchester is a "different kettle of fish" you know me well enough to know that I can't go long without a good old moan........
First stop Jessops, the little one near the townhall served by what looked like two members of the boyband Haven't Got A Clue, as you guessed they didn't.
Next stop Jacobs, Cross Street served by can't be arsed to look.
Final stop Calumet, under the Mancunian Way and served by John who ordered me one in, that arrived the next working day and even threw in a nice big SD card so thanks to him. I've been going there since 1999 when it was still Leeds and I suppose that's why.
No post tomoz as I'm off to play with my shiny new camera........

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