Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Why I Love Wetherspoon's........

As you may have noticed by my last post and last project, I go to Wetherspoon pubs, no, more than that, I am a BIG fan of wetherspoon pubs and here's why. I may be wrong but sometimes I think that around Manchester city Centre there is some kind of twisted customs post which only lets people under the age of 35 enter the city. No honestly take a look for yourselves especially on a weekend. I swear you will find it hard to spot anyone who is not young. Manchester city centre only cares for young people, it provides shops for the young, entertainment for the young and pubs no sorry bars for the young.

Wetherspoon's is one of the few venues in Manchester city centre where you will see older people. Now that's not saying that the only people you will find in a Wetherspoon's are old, they are of course student friendly due to the price, and Kid friendly due to their menu (one of the only places my neurotic sister will let her kids eat). You can also sit and talk without either your ears bleeding or having to listen to some pretentious jazz wank.

Tim Martin their chairman is a massive champion of real ale holding two Real Ale Festivals a year featuring many beers from small independent brewery's.

They have often been criticised for selling drinks too cheap, surely only in Britain could that be considered a negative thing. However I believe that in many towns and cities around the country they have provided a vital resource providing a venue for people to meet and chat, maintaining the tradition of the Great British Boozer. Now Mr Martin if you would like to thank me for this post........................................ www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk

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