Monday, 17 March 2008

Zen & The Art of Michael Kenna.

Image copyright Michael Kenna

I've been ranting lately, about Lulu (not the singer) Simpson (not the cartoon character) I've been a little stressed (buying a house) I need some calm (not the crap sleeping tablets although I think that's spelt kalm). And searching for something tranquil always makes me think of the work of Michael Kenna. Not always embraced by "ART" photography, his pictures are perhaps too beautiful, a quality that isn't in high regard in the current Art world. He is a craftsman of the highest order, printing these stunning objects himself. Small jewel like prints. He has said that his work is influenced by Haiku poetry: I'm going now to cleanse my mind take a deep breath and indulge myself with more of his work. Join me at PS he's originally from Widnes as well so I'm claiming him for the North-West photographers links section!

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