Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Our Rights

Lot of talk both here and on other blogs just recently regarding us (photographers) and our freedom to perform our ODD (Metropolitan police description, although often pretty correct) pastime, job, passion for photography so from photojojo here: http://www.photojojo.com/

The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography
I. Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. Public places include parks, sidewalks, malls, etc. Malls? Yeah. Even though it’s technically private property, being open to the public makes it public space.

II. If you are on public property, you can take pictures of private property. If a building, for example, is visible from the sidewalk, it’s fair game.

III. If you are on private property and are asked not to take pictures, you are obligated to honor that request. This includes posted signs. Carry on reading Here:


Now this of course is USA law but what about us in dear old Blighty? Well it's funny you should ask coz here's the the Rub.


Please feel free to compare /discuss..................

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