About Sodley-on-Sea.....

About Sodley-on-Sea....

This ongoing series of photographs started with a question.
"Can I make a kind of fucked up social documentary photography series about England using dioramas made up of images sourced from the net so I can stay at home and watch the telly at the same time?"

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Rotary Dryer

New set of pictures over at my website www.markpagephotography.com
It's a landscape set and I like to think it's in the great British tradition of landscape.


Stan B. said...

No, no- not traditional... Conceptual!

They give grants to artists who try photography to do stuff like this, after first pronouncing them, "Genius." Pity you're just a photographer.

And like 'em anyway.

mark page said...
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mark page said...

The photography can be boring and the art world is full of shit. What's a fella to do but have a laugh!