Thursday, 1 November 2012

CRITICAL MASS 2012 Top 50 and my Top 3.

 Paula McCartney's 'A Field Guide To Snow and Ice'

Photolucida have released their CRITICAL MASS TOP 50. There are a lot of names and work in there that you may well have already seen floating around on blogs and in magazines. Some pretty well known names, Tony Fouhse Lucia Herrero and Michelle Sank to name a few. Still a goodly dose of angst ridden teenagers and  people  still seem scared to let go of the whole NEW TOPOGRAPHIC thing. I can't argue with the choices though as looking at the list of jurors (I stopped counting at 100) it seems to consist of all the great and good of the photography world! So I'll shut up and just point out my favourites from the list. Paula McCartney Thomas Jackson and Meike Nixdorf

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