Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Blurb. I've self published two books myself the Blurb way. I don't know what it is but it's just not, I don't know, not satisfying enough. A bit like buying a microwave kebab from Tesco's instead of a kebab from Kebabish (I know, my body is a temple) So for a while I've been thinking about different ways of putting POMONA together in book form, and binding it myself is probably the way I'll go. Besides it fits more with the inspiration for my POMONA the HEREFORDSHIRE PONONA.
So I was very interested to see that Colin Pantall had also gone down the DIY bookbinding route. Sofa portraits is the title of the book. Colin says of the work.

"Sofa Portraits is a series of images showing my daughter, Isabel, as she watches television.
These portraits portray the flawed physicality of childhood and its mental and physical freedoms - but also the constraints that are applied by the adult world - the furnishings Isabel is so often pushing against, the dress determined by the educational system she is now part of, or even the attitudes to her physical self-expression as she watches television."

Should any of you be interested in having a crack yourselves at book making HERE'S a PDF on the Japanese Stab Stitch which is the method Colin chose to use. And here locally we have a complete firm dedicated to Bookbinding and oh yes you can learn how to do it HERE.


colin pantall said...

Thanks Mark - the Japanese stab stitch is a pragmatic way of binding loose pages together. Simple but effective in a time-consuming kind of way. There is something massively satisfying about the DIY route but it takes ages, is messy and all a bit random if you don't know what you're doing. And guess what...

Mark Page said...

It looks good to me. Hope there are still some left when I've got some money! How are the pages printed?

colin pantall said...

Printed on a commercial copier - they let me sit and colour adjust so it was kind of proofed. The covers are card and then glue and basic bookcloth - bought from Shepherds in London - they do a very good mail order.

And this is a great book on basic bookmaking - really simple

Mark Page said...

Thanks for that Colin.

jesika said...

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