Monday, 15 November 2010

John Darwell @ ACC.

Image copyright John Darwell

This months speaker at THE ALTERNATIVE CAMERA CLUB is one of the UK's leading documentary photographers, JOHN DARWELL. John has made work from Chernobyl to Nevada although in more recent years England's North-West and particularly Cumbria has been central to John's oeuvre (love that word).
OK so that's JOHN DARWELL @ THE ALTERNATIVE CAMERA CLUB, THE WHITWORTH GALLERY, MANCHESTER. SATURDAY 20th NOVEMBER @ 10:30 £3 all in. No need to book but you can here-


marcus doyle said...

All these good things going on in Manchester.
Bugger all on down here unless you like portraits of 'birds with their bits out.' I refer of course to the Taylor Wessing Prize at the National Portrait Gallery.

Mark Page said...

Yeah Manchester does seem to be buzzing again at the moment. There's so many collages up here and round about turning out so many photographers with so few traditional outlets to show their work they are taking the law into their own hands so to speak. The event that John is talking at has been steadily growing each month. It started with me talking to 3 people in a 200 hundred seater lecture room to last month getting on for 40 people. Not bad in 4 months!