Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Image copyright Alec Soth

News of Alec Soth's latest book BROKEN MANUAL has been floating around the blogs for a while now. A large chunk, 53 images, have recently been uploaded to Soth's new website. So for those of us who haven't got a spare $800 to buy this Special limited edition version, and I really wish I had, you can get get a good idea of what will be in the $75 version due out at a later date.
This work marks a pretty significant change in style. Alongside Soth's usual large format colour work we also find B/W, still lives and even what appear to be some kind of scan or perhaps Internet grabs. It all makes for a really intriguing set of images which gives a strange unsettling feel to the sequence. Of course the big question now is what are all the legions of Soth imitators going to do?

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