Thursday, 30 September 2010

J T Chapman.

Doesn't he look the bollox? Proper gentlemen photographer proud with a bit of status, photographer as a respectable professional. You can take a trip back and learn more about the gent above at THE JOHN RYLANDS LIBRARY over the next few months. The man in question is J T Chapman and he was a ground breaking Manchester photographic entrepreneur and inventor. He invented and maufactured a ready made 'Dry Plate' known as the 'Manchester'. You can read more about him HERE. The exhibition is on until 28th November and is free. There's also some events. I tell you what I'll let James Robinson senior photographer at the library (top job!) fill you in.......................


Following recent discoveries in the John Rylands Library Special Collections, UNDEREXSPOSED is an exhibition in Collaboration with MOSI, celebrating the life of one of Manchester’s early photographic pioneers, J.T. Chapman.

Chemist, inventor and photographer, Chapman invented some of the processes that were to become standard in early photography. However, he is widely omitted from history books as he published his formula under the pseudonym ‘Ostendo non Ostento’ (I show, not boast). Working from Deansgate, Manchester, Chapman also invented and sold his own cameras and projectors.

The exhibition also showcases a selection of glass plate negatives, recently discovered and linked to the Langford Brooke family of Mere Hall in Cheshire, which have been cleaned, re-housed and digitised by CHICC.

CHICC is The Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care, a JISC funded project to develop a Centre for Heritage Digitisation, based within the University of Manchester.

The John Rylands Library will be holding a series of events associated with the exhibition, for more information please contact 0161 306 0555 or email

Further Information:

The CHICC project has already created partnerships with several institutions including the National Trust, digitising a Chaucer manuscript at Petworth house in Sussex. The project has also worked with Chethams, MMU, Manchester Museum, publishing companies and private individuals, using the latest digital technology and conservation techniques to deliver the best possible output, while caring for the object during the process.

On Wednesday 3rd November, the Curators of the exhibition will be holding a close-up session, looking at the glass plate negatives, best ways to photograph the negatives and best ways to look after them.

Monday 8th of November sees the arrival of Professor Heard’s Peerless Magic Lantern show. At 4.30, Phantasmagoria! A family friendly show will begin, suitable for ages 7+. Featuring hand painted stories, sights, and frights from before the days of moving cinema. A later show at 7.30 will be a much darker affair, as the Professor introduces us to Victorian Ghosts and the Gothic. Both events are free, however booking is essential. To book please contact the events team on 0161 306 0555 or email


Stan B. said...

Quite the chap!

Mark Page said...

And I may be biased being from Manchester and that but I really think he should have a bit more recognition.