Thursday, 21 January 2010


Image copyright Ivonne Thein

Beauty, and the portrayal of beauty is a popular topic for many contemporary artists and photographers (of course it always has been, Greek armless statue's and all that). And that's wholly understandable as so many people are tying themselves in knots with workouts, celebrity, plastic surgery and the like. I've even been known to glance momentarily at my flabby gut in the bedroom mirror myself from time to time.
I mentioned
Phil Toledano's freaky series 'A NEW KIND OF BEAUTY' a few post's back. And I'm sure you're familiar with Zed Nelson's series 'LOVE ME'. Here's another by Ivonne Thein.
The image above comes from the series Thirty-Two Kilos that looks at thinness as a body ideal. What's interesting about this work is the use of photoshop to emphasize and exaggerate the thinness, imitating a common practice of doctoring models photographs in the fashion and beauty world.

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