Tuesday, 26 February 2008

For example

Image copyright Julian McKenny

There is a lot of good photography in The North-West, Often of a quality that could hold it's own anywhere. Intelligent work, quiet unassuming work, pictures working as a group, with narrative, which is what I'm interested in seeing. I get tied of seeing China, and other far flung places photographed by photographers who can never show me anything I've not seen before, leave that to Chinese photographer's! because after a couple of weeks in a place what have you got to say? It's far braver to make the often not photographed, "right under your noses" places your subject. This stuff gets my eyes looking, my brain ticking, It needs to be savoured, returned to, thought about.

I have already featured the work of Julian McKenny this month, later I found out about his website http://www.processional.co.uk/ which features his more recent/work in progress so again I give you Julian McKenny.

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