Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Much as I respect REDEYE, and have in the past found it a very useful resource. For introducing me to the wonderful work of John Darwell alone, (http://www.johndarwell.com/) I shall always be grateful. However I think that one of it's problems is that it tries to be all things to all photographers. A visit to the forum seems to just be various people asking for advice on where to get canvases printed. Now I know that practical advice is always needed but it would be good to have somewhere photographers could go to, to discuss farty things sometimes, and a place to see the best new photography that Manchester has to offer. So if you want to see your work showcased here please send as attachments to info@manchesterphotography.com Also lets chat about things like, why Manchester, which apparently has the largest concentration of photographers outside of London, has no dedicated photo gallery. We have jazz festivals, literary festivals, Christmas festivals, festival festivals, big fucking German sausage festivals, but no photography festivals........ Please Discuss.

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